How-To Guides

The Lukas & Qvia developers occasionally release firmware updates for product quality control and feature add-ins. This article provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide for updating or re-installing your camera's firmware.

To update or re-install your camera's firmware:

  1. Select and download the camera's firmware file from our Interactive Download Center and save it to a convenient place (i.e. Desktop, Downloads) on your computer and unzip the folder. 

  2. Format the SD card through the Lukas Viewer or your computer.
    Note: Back up and save any important data before formatting. 

  3. Drag all files located inside the unzipped folder to the SD card.  

  4. Open the SD card on the Lukas Viewer and configure your desired settings and save. (Optional) 

  5. Eject the SD Card from your computer.

  6. Insert SD Card back into dash camera.

  7. Connect power then turn on the device. 

  8. Display LCD/LED should prompt a firmware update in process.

  9. After the firmware update is complete, the dash camera will automatically reboot.

  10. The update is now complete.

  11. Restart device manually.