How-To Guides

 By factory-default, the Lukas and Qvia dash cameras are configured to the South Korean timezone. The time is displayed far-bottom-right, while the date is displayed far-bottom-left during video playback. Both the date and time can be configured to display on the device’s LCD screen or LED panel during operation.

To change the default time and date to your local or preferred zone; this must first be established through the Lukas/Qvia Viewer for Mac and PC. Once the device’s zone is configured to the local GMT; any future changes can be done through the camera itself and/or the mobile app for Lukas and Qvia.

Before getting started, please look-up your local timezone in GMT/UTC format:

lukasqvia timechange

Step 1: 

Please download and install the Lukas/Qvia viewer for your camera.

From the viewer program; open up the Settings Panel and navigate to the GPS tab and select your local GMT under the Time Zone Setting's drop down menu.

Summer Time is only recommended for users in regions that follow day light savings time.

Once you are finished be sure to save this to your camera's SD card.





lukasqvia timeset

Step 2:

To 'lock-in' the local GMT; please select the Clock icon from the dedicated viewer and save the generated file to your SD card.