How-To Guides

The Lukas and Qvia dash cameras are by default in Kilometers per hour (Kph or Km/h). The current vehicle speed is indicated mid-bottom-left during video playback and is also by default configured to display in 'real-time' on the LCD screen or LED bar while the vehicle is in motion. 

If you live in the United States or prefer imperial over metric; the Lukas and Qvia cameras can be switched from Kph to Mph using the dedicated Viewer programs and--if your camera has WiFi--through the dedicated mobile app for most Android and Apple smartphones. 

qvia-lukas-pc-mac-viewer-speed-display-change-mile-kilometerFrom The Dedicated Viewer

The Lukas & Qvia dash camera's come with their own Mac & PC dedicated viewers for each model.

If you have not yet downloaded the viewer for your camera:

Please click here.

From the viewer program open up the Settings Panel and navigate to the GPS tab and select your preference under Speed Display

Once you are finished be sure to save this to your camera's SD card






From The Mobile App

The mobile app for the Lukas and Qvia dash cameras can be found on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

From the app's home page open Settings > GPS > Speed Display and select your preference. 

Be sure to save your settings and wait for the dash camera to restart.